Professor Rama Shanker Verma [Ph.D., FNASc, FBRSI, FAMI]

Prof. R. S. Verma joined as Director, MNNIT Allahabad on February 07, 2022.


rsverma dir

He did his graduation and post gradation from University of Allahabad, doctorate from Jawalarlal Nehru University, New Delhi in 1986 and Post doctorate from School of Medicine, Indiana University Medical Centre, Indianapolis, 1991

He has made contributions in the area of Stem cell regeneration for Tissue Engineering, Stem cell scaffolds for cardiac, liver tissue regeneration, Cancer stem cell and their targeted therapeutics, Biomarker and pathways studies in Fanconi anemia, Construction and production of Bacterial and Humanized Immunotoxins for cancer therapeutics, Monoclonal antibody production and Cancer drug delivery. His major contribution has been in the development of indigenous medical devices and in tissue engineering. He has to his credit various projects funded by DRDO, IIT, DST-RSF, CSIR, IC, RBIC, DBT, BRNS, RBIC(Lailapharma), RRBIC (HLL), and MHRD. He has guided 32 Ph.Ds and more than 50 M. Tech and MS students, published 185 research papers and several book chapters (15) and review papers on Stem Cell Biology, Tissue Engineering, Fanconi Anemia and Immunotoxin based cancer therapeutics. His papers are published in various prestigious journals such as: Blood, JCI, JBC, BBA, Journal of Material Science, Drug Discovery today, Oncotarget, Advanced Healthcare Material, Cancer letter, Apoptosis, Nanomedicine etc. 

He is an Elected Fellow of National Academy of Sciences (India-Allahabad) (2014), Association of Microbiology of India (FEMI) 2010, The Biotech Research Society, India (2015), Society for Applied biotechnology (2011), Madras Research Foundation. He has been awarded with Life time Achievement Award  by Nature Science foundation, Coimbatore;  ABAP Senior Scientist Award 2014 by Society for Applied Biotechnology and Applied Pharmacy India; Award for Excellence in Medical Biotechnology by Society for Applied Biotechnology, India 2011 and Genomic Pioneer recognition award 2008, held at the HUGO's International Human Genome Meeting, Hyderabad, India. He has been an invited speaker and delivered expert lectures in numerous conferences, seminars and workshops in national and international platforms.

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